Abolish Racism

Every item in this collection is limited edition, it will only be available for a limited time.

This is the fight to spread "Abolish Racism" as a new slogan combined with the new movement to change from a white man's world. The human race is tired of being tired, we know where it starts and together we can find the end.

Hindsight is 2020 AND we've have seen the damage of racism and oppression has done, it has completely ravaged OUR society. With our backs against the wall of time, taking a stand now and making a statement with limited release collection.

Featuring the new release of the FourHeadedMonster's birthday and another SBA anniversary, the team's collaborated to make a F/H/M x F*ckRacism line. Wear the armor, BE the difference.

 Being black in America, made me realize whatever I couldn't imagine happening across the world.. I can feel it more than ever, the thought of being killed by someone who is supposed to protect you BUT then not get justice AND my killer would go with no consequences helped me see the system of pullies we live in. I do not wish or want this fear for anyone.